You’ve written your book . . . now what?

You feel like your manuscript is final, and you know self-publishing is probably the way to go, but there are so many decisions and details, you don’t know where to start, and you aren’t ready—or willing—to spend the bucks to buy a publishing package that can run several thousand dollars.

PublishingBirthing Your Book

Just as the typewriter, a basic tool for writing a book, has evolved into your personal computer or even your tablet, the publishing industry has changed even faster, and quite drastically in recent years. If you are looking at setting yourself up as an independent publisher, even just to publish your own writing, I can help you.

What I do is function as a midwife for your book, helping you navigate the indie/self-publishing process, from why and how to get ISBNs through getting your book available on Amazon, using best practices, efficiently and with ease. I can also help you with a professional cover design that will stand out on Amazon, as well as create an interior layout that will make your book readable and consistent with professional design standards.

Go here to check out some of my client book projects, and here for what some of my clients have said about working with me

Whether you want to do a lot of the self-publishing tasks yourself, or you want someone to do it for you, or someone to just “hold your hand” through the process, there are ways I can work with you. I offer consulting, workshops, courses, as well as assisted publishing services. 

For example, is your manuscript finished and has it, ideally, already been professionally edited?  Then just answer some simple questions that will tell me about your project, and I’ll follow up with you about ways I can help you. 

OR, if you are already on the self-publishing path but have a bunch of questions that need answers, you can use my brain for an hour for $250. Just get yourself onto my consulting calendar,
and then I will send you an invoice that needs to be paid in advance. 

Looking forward to hearing from you . . . !


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