About Ruth

After over 50 years of publishing and small business experience, I have seen so much useful info out there for indie publishers/authors.

The challenge that most authors have in moving forward with their book or business is that they work on their own and are bombarded with an avalanche of content on how to be successful. What seems to be missing is the implementation.

What I do is help you, as an indie publisher/author, get clear about the steps you want to take and help you get past the stuck places, getting through the decision-making process quickly and easily, making decisions and taking action to move your book forward.

What makes me unique among the other book shepherds, book midwives or self-publishing consultants is that, in addition to managing your project from start to finish, educating and advising you along the way, I am an experienced cover designer and also do customized interior layouts. I also have great resources for creating ebook editions that incorporate the print edition typography and styling as much as possible.

I also offer courses and workshops on self-publishing, as well as consulting packages.

FYI – I am a current board member of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (and a very active current volunteer), and I highly recommend that all writers check out this dynamic organization. More info here: http://baipa.org. Membership is available to anyone interested in self-publishing, no matter where they live. All BAIPA meetings are currently on Zoom, and the board is committed to providing that access into the future.

To find out more, email me at ruth@thewonderlady.com.

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