ATTN: Indie Authors!

You know how there is so much to learn about self-publishing?

For example:

  • Are you confused about ISBNs, BISAC codes and keywords?
  • What about writing a really effective Amazon book description?
  • Then there is getting a professional-looking book cover, interior format and ebook editions done without breaking the bank.

And are you sure you are making the best decisions along the way as you take your finished manuscript to a finished book, up online available for sale? Wouldn’t it be great to do all of that without agonizing over whether or not you have all the info you need, and when to take each step?

Coming up in Fall, 2021 is a new cohort for my Self-Publishing Step-By-Step with Your Book Midwife course, a three-month program developed especially for indie authors who want to at least understand the process from beginning to end, and maybe take on many, if not all, of the tasks themselves.

By the time you get to the end of that program, you will know exactly what to do, as well as when and why to do each step all along your path to publish your book. In fact, depending on where you are with your manuscript, you may be able to actually take those steps during the twelve weeks, being ready to publish at the end of those three months.

I created this program to teach indie authors like you everything you need to know to accomplish that goal, whether you have already started down the self-publishing path or you are just starting.

As you may know, I have worked as a book midwife with over 100 indie authors on their books. My primary reason for offering my knowledge in this format is to help more indie authors at one time than I can working with them one at a time.

Here is a list of what we will cover during the program:

  • Overview of the entire program
  • Why did you write this book?
  • Who is in your target market
  • Choosing your title, subtitle, author name (your name or pen name)
  • Additional items to include in your manuscript
  • Publishing company name
  • Walkthrough my proprietary Book Checklist
  • Choosing a trim size
  • Cover design
  • keywords
  • Genre, BISAC categories (up to 5)
  • ISBNs and barcodes
  • The Why and How of getting testimonials
  • Retail pricing
  • KDP: The How, What, and Best Practices
  • IngramSpark: the How, What and When to use
  • final copy editing
  • interior formatting
  • LCCN numbers/PCIP data block
  • Full print cover creation
  • ebook editions
  • ebook distribution, pre-order and Kindle Select, Draft2Digital
  • copyright filing
  • Author Central, adding more categories and other Amazon goodies
  • book marketing planning and resources

If you are interested in being notified about this program once enrollment is open, please go to the Get in Touch page and let me know a bit about your book, where you are in the process, and when you would like to get it published.

Here is what is included in the Self-Publishing Step-By-Step with Your Book Midwife program

  • Twelve live weekly 60-minute sessions on Zoom 
  • Twelve live weekly Q&A sessions on Zoom where you can bring any and all questions about self-publishing
  • Lifetime access to session recordings
  • Weekly assignments that will help you get through the steps for your book
  • Private online group where you can post any and all questions and get answers from me and other participants
  • An email “hotline” to be in touch with me directly with your questions
  • PDF handouts on key topics, as well as sample copyright page content and sample “Letter to the Reader”

And if that isn’t enough, here are three bonuses:

  • TWO 30-minute one-on-one consultations with me focused on your book, helping you move forward past any stuck places
  • Ongoing access to the online group
  • My proprietary Book Checklist that is normally only shared with my private clients, helping you organize everything you will need to get your book done and available for sale

I only ask for three things:

  1. That you attend as many of the sessions as you can, taking part as much as you can.
  2. That you do the assignments and submit them to me each week.
  3. That you take action each week to move your book forward

Program Dates to be Announced
Here is the current schedule, and it is subject to change once I establish the Fall, 2021 dates:

Main training sessions: Tuesdays at 11 AM Pacific
Q&A Sessions: Fridays at 11 AM Pacific

Self-Publishing Step-By-Step with the Wonderlady Program Fee
This is less than half of what I currently charge to work with a client one-on-one. Also, there are hardly any self-publishing courses out there at this low price point that provide the hands-on advice you will experience in this program. Most are DIY video courses with no expert interaction at all. If an expert is involved, the price point is usually at least a couple thousand dollars for starters.

Here’s a bonus: You can take what you learn in this program and make your money back (and then some!) by helping other indie authors get their books done.

This is a small group experience with lots of individual focus.

Here’s what just a few of my clients and program participants have to say about working with me:

“I recommend this course for anyone who plans to self-publish a book, even if this isn’t your first book. It’s well worth the investment in terms of time and money. Writing the book is just the first step. Without this course and Ruth’s guidance, the rest of the process can be overwhelming.  For example, understanding the do’s and don’ts about choosing a book cover is so important and can make the difference between a bestseller or a book that no one reads. Failure to follow these principles (and much more that Ruth will share with you) can cost an author thousands of dollars in the loss of potential sales.”
—Linda Donovan, author of After Loss and co-author of Tech Grief

“I want you to know how much your work with me has meant in my life. When I get up and out to my coffee bar [pre-pandemic] each morning and keep on writing, it is because of our partnership. And that means so much to my happiness and desire to keep this writing life going. Thank you for helping me publish six books so far, with more on the way.”
—Wendy Bartlett,

“Ruth Schwartz is a very talented, knowledgeable, dedicated and productive book editor, layout and cover designer, as well as a publishing industry expert. I have worked successfully and happily with Ruth for years and have referred numerous delighted clients to her. I frankly know of no one with her skills, helpful attitude, and drive to help you publish your book. She is truly, a sterling book midwife.” 
—Peter G. Engler,

“Ruth Schwartz has been my self-publishing go-to mentor for almost a decade and there’s yet to be a problem she can’t solve. One of the things I value most about Ruth is that she is constantly nudging me into new areas of indie publishing, some I knew about, but was reluctant to try, others I did not know about. Also, if Ruth thinks I can do something on my own, she’ll tell me how to, rather than take more money and do it for me. I’m reluctant to say more in fear she will become too busy to take my calls and I need her on my team in my indie publishing life.”
—Sandra V. McGee,

“I participated in the pilot program of Ruth’s class, “Self-Publishing, Step-By-Step.”  She is a compassionate, empathetic instructor with years of experience and knowledge to guide her students through the complex science and art of self-publishing. As would be expected, students were at various levels of experience with the topic.  I was a total beginner.
Even though there were times the material was far beyond my ability to keep up, Ruth was patient and encouraging, and I had the confidence to continue on with my education and research afterward. I am now ready to launch my first book on Amazon, and I must give credit to Ruth for keeping me from losing confidence in my ability to get this done!” —Joanne Snow, author of the forthcoming book, Nonna’s Kitchen Chair

About Me
You know I started out just like you when I was faced with publishing my husband’s first book as a print-on-demand product back in 2012. So I have been where you are, and I have learned a lot in almost nine years, helping over 150 indie authors get their books done. Even before that, I have a long history in book publishing, and I have worked hard to keep up with all the changes. I have been speaking about self-publishing on a regular basis, sharing what I know about all the bits and pieces you will encounter along your self-publishing path. Lastly, I am known for exceeding my clients’ expectations, which is why they call me The Wonderlady!

Warm regards,

Ruth Schwartz 
Book Midwife & Self-Publishing Consultant