Fan Mail

Robert W. Bone

Writing my 100,000-word memoir, Fire Bone! was one thing. Getting it into print – even as a self-published book – was quite another. Ruth Schwartz made all that as smooth as silk.

Her expert knowledge of the self-publishing process, layout, pagination, type styles, photography, cover design and all the other technical and legal requirements needed to carry it forward into production took a book-full of worries off my mind. My finished volume now looks like a professional, New York publisher product, thanks to the expertise of Ruth, the “WonderLady.” We are now working together on the eBook edition, which will be a smooth, quick operation because of her expert groundwork on the paperback. – Robert W. Bone, author of Fire Bone!: A Maverick Guide to a Life in Journalism

Marcy Morrison

I was referred to Ruth Schwartz by my coach and friend Jesse Gros. I was greatly impressed by Ruth’s expertise, creativity, attention to detail, integrity and her incredible followthrough. In addition to that, Ruth brings a big heart to her work and I genuinely felt that she greatly cared about me and loved my book and was excited about helping me share my story with the world. Thank you Ruth for doing a remarkable job with my book…I am truly, deeply grateful.Marcy Morrison aka Tinkerangel, career and life weaver, and author of Falling in Love with ME: A Personal Journey and A Guide To Falling in Love with You

Casey Brooks and John Brooks

I recently finished a memoir and opted to self-publish. I assumed that the hard part was done (writing the book) and that the rest was a piece of cake – just put it up on Amazon, Kindle and the other self-publishing channels. Well, it wasn’t nearly that simple. I’m reasonably net savvy and probably could’ve stumbled through, but there were so many decision points between finished manuscript and published book that I reached out for help, and I’m glad I did because I wanted my memoir to be perfect, or as perfect as it could be. Ruth Schwartz was, indeed, the ideal “midwife” to hold my hand through the process, from a myriad of account setups, to proofing, cover design and interior layout. She offered invaluable tips on my book launch, promotion and sales tools. If you want to produce a piece of work that you can proud of forever, your investment in Ruth’s services will be invaluable.John Brooks, mental health activist, speaker and author of The Girl Behind The Door: A Father’s Journey Into The Mystery Of Attachment


When I called Ruth, I was just at the beginning of writing my first book, something I had been saying that I would do for years, but could never seem to make happen. From our first phone conversation, Ruth’s demeanor and her assurances about the process made me think it was actually possible to publish my book. Originally I thought I was hiring her to help me “format” my book (both print and Kindle editions). In addition to accomplishing those tasks, Ruth ended up being my mentor, a meticulous proofreader and my artistic and stylistic guru, as well as a very hard-working, loyal and supportive friend. She was like a midwife for the wild process of birthing a book. Ruth is very easy to work with, and her prices are very fair. love my book from cover to cover and I am clear that without Ruth’s guidance and hard work, my book would still be a pile of papers sitting on my floor, waiting for “someday.” I enjoyed the process of writing and publishing my book so much that I have already started my second one, and I can’t wait to work with Ruth againJesse Gros, life coach, adventurer, healer and author of Your Wild & Precious Life: Adventures in Conscious Creation

Peter Engler, Author of New & Improved, A Political Thriller

I have worked closely with Ruth to edit, layout and produce my first novel, New & Improved, on Amazon and Kindle Books. She has been savvy, thoughtful, creative and most importantly, organized in her excellent support of launching my “baby.” I continue to work with her to market and promote the novel; she has tons of smart and innovative ideas that work. — Peter Engler, Publisher at Grantham Press and author of New & Improved!: A Political Thriller and Your Crystal Clear Career Path.

Gwendolyn Grace

I hired Ruth because a lack of technical know-how was holding up my wellness work from reaching the women who need me. It was, and continues to be, money well spent! Every time she teaches me something I feel like a rocket scientist empowered to complete the mission. She is available and quick when I need her. She truly is the wonderlady! —Gwendolyn Grace, RN, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Writer. Creative Nurse.