Getting Reviews: Some Great Resources

I’ve been seeing a few articles lately about the importance of getting reviews for your self-published book. I am talking about reviews outside of the ones on Amazon, although those are important. One of the best articles on this subject, which was actually published last January is this one that guest blogger David Wogahn wrote for Joel Friedlander’s blog last January. 

Book Reviewer Yellow PagesI encourage you to go there and read it very carefully and also consider getting a copy of David’s book, The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages.

For many of the reviewers in David’s book, it is a good idea to have a sell sheet. This is a single, 8 1/2×11″ page that includes the title and subtitle, the book cover, the book description, a short author bio, publication details and your contact info. You can use this sell sheet as a way to get a professional reviewer’s attention, and it should certainly be included with your book when you send it to a reviewer. I have some templates I have collected that I am happy to share with you. Just send me an email with “sell sheet templates” in the subject line.

I also want to mention that in the process of getting reviews you should NEVER send a review copy out to someone who has not already agreed to receive it. Joanna Penn talks about this in the latest edition of her How to Market a Book. She even has some sample emails you can use. Also, I am sure that David Wogahn has some information about this in his book.

That’s all I have on the subject of getting reviews at the moment. I hope you check out some of these resources. Let me know how it goes.

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Basically, as I come across really useful information for self-publishing authors, I am now using my blog to get the word out about those resources, rather than my agonizing over writing something original on these subjects. There are a number of top self-publishing experts that I follow, and I just want to make sure you get their info.

BTW, Those book links are my Amazon Associate links, so yes, I will make some money when you buy something.