Some of My Book Projects

New & Improved: A Political Thriller

New & Improved is a real page-turner and has been ten years in the making. I worked with the author/publisher, Peter Engler, to get his publishing company set up and get this first book designed and available in both paperback and Kindle editions, providing the last round of copy editing/proofreading, as well as getting the cover design done, doing the interior layout and helping him all along the self-publishing path to birth his “baby” with ease.




Your Crystal Clear Career Path

Peter Engler is also a very accomplished career coach, and he recently released his first nonfiction book, Your Crystal Clear Career Path. With this book, Peter not only called on my self-publishing expertise, he also asked me to edit the manuscript, which is comprised of some new content, as well as some great articles from his blog. I managed the cover design process for him, as well as did the interior layout and the ebooks are available as well.




Your Wild & Precious Life

I met Jesse Gros through Peter Engler, and worked with Jesse to turn out his award-wining book. Jesse handled the cover design himself, and called on me to do a final proofreading and the interior layout and subsequently, a Kindle edition. I was also available to answer his questions as he worked his way through the self-publishing process, getting both the paperback and Kindle editions done.




Falling In Love with ME

I met Marcy Morrison through Jesse Gros. Marcy wanted to do this amazing, small book with some challenging formatting. Nonfiction tends to be more complex in terms of layout. I did the interior layout for her, then a Kindle edition, and then she came back with a Spanish edition (both paperback and Kindle). Marcy is currently getting ready to go to Guatamala to speak at a conference there. I am sooo excited for her!




Fire Bone! - A Maverick Guide to a Life in Journalism

Bob Bone’s memoir is more like a travelogue, and a very entertaining one at that. This senior citizen is a very talented writer and photographer. I worked with him to turn out this amazing collection of stories, featuring some of his best photographs. I did a final proofreading, managed the cover design process (Bob had some very definite ideas of what he wanted), did the interior layout and the Kindle edition.




Frankly Frank

Andrew Frankel, who I met an event where Peter Engler was speaking, had written and published a beautiful coffee table book about his amazing adventures in the car racing world. What he didn’t have was a Kindle edition, which many of his fans were asking for. I got that done for him quickly and easily, as well as an iBooks and a Kobo edition. These ebooks were generated as fixed format from the PDF file that Andrew provided.

The Girl Behind the Door by John Brooks

John Brooks was a senior financial executive in the broadcast and media industry until tragedy struck, and his adopted teenage daughter committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. John wrote an amazing book that not only chronicles Casey’s story but he also shares with the reader what he and his wife learned about what Casey was going through dealing with attachment disorder. John asked me to help him through the self-publishing process, from final proofreading through cover and interior design and layout, and getting paperback and ebook editions done and available for sale.


For God and Country by Ted Peters

Another book that, as a reader of spy thrillers and mysteries, I think is very well-written, is available now in paperback and Kindle editions, and any day through iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more via Smashwords. Ted Peters has done a great job with his first novel, having been a prolific writer on religion and science and now venturing into fiction. I provided the the last round of copy editing/proofreading, as well as getting the cover design done, doing the interior layout, helping him through the entire self-publishing process.




Short Prayers reveals the other side of Ted Peters, and is a lovely book of prayers designed to set you on the path of writing your own. The Kindle and paperback editions are available now on Amazon, and any day this book will be available through iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more via Smashwords.






Good Night Captain Mama


Good Night Captain Mama is the wonderful result of a child asking a question and his mother creating a children’s book in order to answer it for him, and thousands of other children of women in the military. I was the project manager on this book, working with the author/publisher, the illustrator and the designer to get it laid out and produced and available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, as well as through iBooks and Kobo.